Passive Housing Projects

What Are Passive Housing Projects?

Passive Housing projects voluntarily develop a standard for energy efficiency in buildings. This process helps reduce the building’s ecological footprint and results in low-energy buildings that do not require the same high-energy needs for space cooling or heating as standard facilities require. 

Passive homes rely on a combination of energy efficiency, internal heat, and passive solar elements to reduce space heating demands and create simplified methods for heating. This standard is created through strict performance requirements for airtightness and energy consumption. The consumption limits for energy were developed by research that determines climate change, economic abilities, comfort, air quality, and insulation.

Five principles are considered central to passive house construction and design: 

  • High-quality insulation 
  • Heat control windows 
  • Airtight construction 
  • Heat recovery ventilation 
  • Thermal bridge-free detailing

These principles are fundamental to the energy efficiency of passive buildings. While these standards can be rigorous, the effort creates incredible benefits that can improve the lives of tenants, property owners and the planet. 

What Are the Benefits of Passive Housing?

The benefits of passive housing are incredibly profound. They offer better value, energy efficiency, and even potential rebates, and passive housing supports greener living. In addition, passive housing projects ensure that housing, commercial buildings, and other projects are not creating more environmental damage while also lowering the cost of consumption and our imprint on this planet. 

Passive Housing Benefits: 

  • Lower utility cost
  • Tax credits
  • Better air quality 
  • More durability 
  • Better monetary value
  • Less need for outside power

One goal of passive housing is to increase comfort without increasing energy consumption. Passive houses can keep the home in a perfect climate without using heating and cooling systems. So regardless of the outside weather, you will remain comfortable and cozy. 

Passive houses incorporate thermal bridge-free design, ensuring that insulation is applied without creating any weak spots. This helps prevent excessive heat loss. 

It’s also important to note that passive homes can potentially use 90% less energy than standard buildings. This creates less energy consumption, and while it saves money, it can also benefit our environment. 

Passive Home Builders

Passive home builders are unique due to the complex nature of passive building projects and at Haycon, we are dedicated to ensuring that our future building projects meet the Passive House certification standards. We take passive home design and construction further by getting certified as Passive House builders and consultants. Several of our team members have received CPHB or CPHC accreditation through the Passive House Institute of the United States (PHIUS). 

In order to ensure delivery of our mission to help design, build, and guide future passive housing projects, we offer pre-construction, design assistance, and construction management services. We have finished two passive housing projects and are in the process of completing two more passive building projects, with many more to come. We look forward to partnering with other developers and builders to create more efficient communities. 

If you need support with your next building project our experienced team can help. Reach out today to schedule a consultation. 

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