Design Assist


As an integrated building partner, our architect-led team is with you from conception through completion. Whether it’s tackling design nuances associated with the challenges of urban considerations, or the complexities of taking your design and preparing it for sustainability and Passive House certification, Haycon has walked in your shoes.

Does your design allow for its placement between two other buildings? Will it allow for effective cladding installation and the type that will energy seal your building? Do your drawings consider thermal bridging? With extensive experience in building high-performance buildings in urban landscapes, Haycon is the perfect partner to assist your architect, engineer, or construction manager with developing design documents. Our design-assist services provide professional and high-quality approach, with the knowledge and foresight to help your project run smoothly and efficiently. 

With our diverse knowledge of installation, construction techniques, cost estimation, and scheduling, you can trust that our experts will ensure everything is planned for from your project’s inception.



“I highly recommend partnering with Haycon for your design needs! Their team has deep-rooted expertise and knowledge that helped us keep our project moving quickly and they were able to tap into complex design needs that we would not have been able to navigate on our own!”