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1065 Tremont St.

Haycon completed the new construction on this 16,200 square foot building. Spanning just over a year in construction, this 6 story, 16 unit rental property was built with a $4 Million dollar budget. Constructed using Type 3 over Type 5 construction, Haycon coordinated the procurement and installation of penalized framing and terra cotta cladding, requiring an impeccable level of accuracy and expertise in execution‍‍‍.

Architect: Haydon Design

304 Newbury St.

Located in Boston’s historic Back Bay, this project entailed the renovation of six apartment units located above a busy commercial space. As a renovation project, the existing apartments were gutted and the floor plans were reconfigured to maximize this prime living space. High end appliances and luxury finishes transformed this rundown apartment building into modern short term rental units.

Architect: Haydon Design


14 E. Springfield St.

The existing building at 14 E. Springfield Street was undersized and out of place in the neighborhood. By adding two stories and completely renovating the existing facade, the building now fits in with the context of the street. The work included modifications to the existing precast structure and underpinning the foundation. Terracotta paneling, a walk out deck, and a revived entrance are a few of the features that give new life to the building. A combination of white trim and natural wood on the interior further adds to the clean contemporary feel of the design.‍‍‍

Architect: Haydon Design


468 Park Dr.

This row house located in Brookline, MA‍‍‍ was renovated from its existing conditions into 2 new luxury apartments. The project took advantage of a lower roof in the alley way to accommodate a rear roof deck. Light interiors accented by wooden floors create a modern elegant feel through out the apartments.

Architect: Haydon Design

888 Tremont St.

Haycon was tasked with the design-build of 888 Tremont Street in Fall 2014. A property with a rich history as a prominent South End nightclub, Haycon guided the owner through the development process to construct 9 residential rental units. 888 Tremont was transformed over the course of 14 months with a construction budget of $3 million dollars. These units feature impressive modern finishes and restoration of historic elements such as exposed structural beams, high ceilings, and large window openings, optimizing rents with highly desirable and unique dwelling spaces.

Architect: Haydon Design


94 Charles St.

Located on one of Boston’s most popular streets, this Charles Street renovation transformed an aging small hotel into a modern short term rental complex. While keeping the traditional features in the common areas, each unit was updated with modern finishes and kitchens. Space saving features like Murphy beds were installed in the studio apartments to maximize living space.

Architect: Haydon Design‍‍‍

Cambridge Terrace Condos

The Cambridge Terrace Condominium project entailed a complete renovation of a triple-decker building into three luxury condominiums. A combination of white and black creates a clean contrast, while the clear-coat wood floor adds a splash of color and natural material. Outdoor decks and large double-hung windows throughout flood the interior with natural light year-round.

Architect: Haydon Design


Yerxa St. Condominiums

This triple-decker located in Cambridge, MA was a complete renovation project that entailed updating the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Custom mill work combined with modern appliances and finishes have modernized these condominiums without losing sight of their traditional origins.

Architect: Haydon Design

Huron Ave. Residence

Designed and built by Haycon in the Neighborhood ‍‍‍Nine section of Cambridge, this multi-family structure was completely gutted and renovated into two duplex condos. Unit 1 includes a master suite, guest bedroom, office, study, and an open living room and dining room. Unit 2 is similar in layout and is highlighted by its third story recreational room with various skylights that light up the whole interior. Each unit is given a generous storage area and has access to an outdoor living space with the second floor deck and first floor entry porch.

Architect: Haydon Design