We Are An Award-Winning Design/Build Firm Dedicated to Innovating and
Diversifying Boston's Built Environment Through High-Performance Building.

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44 N. Beacon

High-Performance Building

We recognize the great need for more energy-efficient construction, given the fact that about 39% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the US can be attributed to the building sector.

We want to do our part in reducing emissions and creating buildings that improve the health and well-being of those who inhabit them and so we design and build according to passive house standards.⠀



Haycon is dedicated to building quality and diverse projects
in and around the Boston area.

We offer a full scope scope of design services including custom residential, historic preservation, commercial, and multi-family residential rehabilitation projects.

Our Team


"Another great project by Haycon. They keep advancing and improving their builds. Every step of the way, they learn and improve. They definitely don't use the phrase 'We've been doing it this way for 30 years."

- Kenneth Keifer of SIGA North America

"Haycon has been instrumental in executing our vision, supporting our preconstruction efforts and fitting seamlessly into our project team from the start. The performance of this property speaks for itself as we are on schedule and on budget despite delays and complications as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patrick’s leadership is only exceeded by his trustworthiness and dedication to our goals, and his staff have followed suit. The entire team possesses the necessary experience to execute effectively and has catered to our unique reporting requirements along the way. "

- Danny Moll of Arx Urban

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"Shout-out to Patrick Haydon and the Haycon team for yet another well-crafted project!"

- Monte French of Monte french Design Studio

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