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Haycon is a Boston construction and design/build firm that specializes in high-performance and Passive House building. The company was founded about 15 years ago by Patrick Haydon and David Bemiss, two Boston architects with passion for the building delivery process.


Haycon’s broad scope of services include pre-construction, construction management, design-assist, and general contracting.

Our diverse portfolio includes single and multifamily residences, commercial fit-outs, passive houses, and renovation projects. However, we currently prioritize midsize multifamily Passive House projects.


We prioritize vital information for permitting, scheduling, and cost throughout the design and entitlement process. We remove needless soft costs and planning efforts in order to yield high-quality finished builds in a timely manner.

Haycon provides clients with a sma‍‍‍ll company experience while providing levels of expertise and project accounting found in large companies. As a result, our clients can expect an extremely smooth building process.

Pre Construction

Effective planning is key to keeping your project on time and on budget. With our insight, resources, and experience, we can turn a daunting task into a well-planned project.

Design Assist

As an integrated building partner, we support you from conception to completion. Our diverse expertise ensures every aspect of your project is meticulously planned from the start.

Pre Construction

As your integrated building partner, Haycon’s Construction Management expertly handles all project phases, from design-assist and planning to construction and completion.

11 E Lenox

Mass Timber, CLT, Passive House, Reduced Carbon, Multi-Unit, Residential

This project is an innovative 7-story, mixed-use, multifamily building with a unique structure that required no podium. It will be constructed with CLT/Mass Timber for greater safety, efficiency, and a reduced carbon footprint. It will include a host of energy efficient features and is designed to meet Passive House standards.

We conducted an LCA report on 11 East Lenox to compare the environmental impacts of the as-built Mass Timber building to a functionally equivalent steel building. The report focuses on the embodied carbon emissions of the building and highlights the benefits of using mass timber as a construction material. 

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