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About Us

We Are a Team of Professionals

Haycon is a Boston construction and design/build firm that specializes in high-performance and Passive House building. The company was founded about 15 years ago by Patrick Haydon and David Bemiss, two Boston architects with passion for the building delivery process.


Haycon’s broad scope of services include pre-construction, construction management, design-assist, and general contracting.

Our diverse portfolio includes single and multifamily residences, commercial fit-outs, passive houses, and renovation projects. However, we currently prioritize midsize multifamily Passive House projects.


We prioritize vital information for permitting, scheduling, and cost throughout the design and entitlement process. We remove needless soft costs and planning efforts in order to yield high-quality finished builds in a timely manner.

Haycon provides clients with a sma‍‍‍ll company experience while providing levels of expertise and project accounting found in large companies. As a result, our clients can expect an extremely smooth building process.

Boston’s Premier Sustainable Builder

Rampant GHG and carbon emissions have caused significant damage to our environment, and now we must work to restore it. The building sector in particular is to blame for about 39% of all carbon emissions in the US. Having been such a large part of the problem, building professionals now have a large role to play in providing solutions. By lowering our emissions, Haycon aims to help the city of Boston reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Energy efficiency has always been one of our top priorities. However, we’ve taken on a new approach to energy-efficient building. Several of our team members have taken the necessary steps to become certified Passive House builders and consultants, and we have decided to design and build all future projects to meet Passive House certification standards. We suggest looking at the Passive House Institute US website to learn exactly what this entails.


To meet stringent Passive House standards, we must minimize our buildings’ energy usage and energy loss to the greatest extent possible! We do so by: avoiding the use of fossil fuels, creating tightly-sealed and insulated enclosure systems, utilizing renewable resources, and installing central ERV systems, high performance windows, etc. Once adopted nationwide, such methods can reduce building sector-related  GHG emissions by 25% from 2005 levels by 2030.  These building methods can also be useful in reducing the time and money spent working on a project, making our builds more lucrative for us and for building owners.

So far, we have one finished Passive House, three under construction, one in the preconstruction phase, and many more to come!

Our Team

At Haycon, diversity and inclusion is not just part of our hiring – it’s how we grow. We’re proud of our diverse employee population. We have employees from North, Central, and South Americas, Europe, and Asia.