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11 E Lenox

Mass Timber, CLT, Passive House, Reduced Carbon, Multi-Unit, Residential

This project is an innovative 7-story, mixed-use, multifamily building with a unique structure that required no podium. It will be constructed with CLT/Mass Timber for greater safety, efficiency, and a reduced carbon footprint. It will include a host of energy efficient features and is designed to meet Passive House standards.

We conducted an LCA report on 11 East Lenox to compare the environmental impacts of the as-built Mass Timber building to a functionally equivalent steel building. The report focuses on the embodied carbon emissions of the building and highlights the benefits of using mass timber as a construction material. 

1005 Broadway

Mass Timber, CLT, Passive House, Reduced Carbon, Multi-Unit, Residential

This project is an Affordable Housing 38-unit multifamily development in Chelsea, that restored a long-vacant and blighted parcel. It has received full Passive House​ accreditation. Among other energy-saving features, it has an all-electric HVAC system and rooftop solar panels.

59-63 Willow

Multi-Unit, Residential

This project is a 3-story, 18-unit mixed income, and mixed use building located in the heart of Hamilton’s downtown. It has been designed and is being built to Passive House standards. This project represents a long-time vision of the town to add sorely needed, well-located, well-designed affordable housing to their community.

Ttoren Flats

Multi-Unit, Residential

This multifamily project is the redevelopment of an under-utilized single story commercial business into a 30-unit residential building. The project utilizes an efficient design, while providing generous setbacks to abutting properties on an infill lot. We should note that this project was converted from a Type 5 wood frame to at Type 3 frame as it realized a significant savings in the annual insurance premium.

One Newcomb

Multi-Unit, Residential

This project is a 25,338 sq. ft multifamily project that is built upon an infill lot set in a re-emerging Roxbury neighborhood. It is part of a larger portfolio of projects on the same block, the lot and its neighboring properties have undergone and are undergoing significant renovations and additions to revitalize a previously neglected and underutilized area.

1065 Tremont

Multi-Unit, Residential

Haycon completed the new construction of this 16,200 square foot multifamily building. Spanning just over a year in construction, this 6 story, 16 unit rental property was built with a $4 Million dollar budget. Constructed using Type 3 over Type 5 construction, Haycon coordinated the procurement and installation of penalized framing and terra cotta cladding, requiring an impeccable level of accuracy and expertise in execution‍‍‍.

The Meetinghouse

Multi-Unit, Residential

The Meetinghouse is a 5-story, 30,000 square foot multifamily housing development located in Dorchester, MA. It features 36 residential units as well as one retail space. The exterior design compliments the surrounding urban landscape and the interior design features commissioned art pieces from local Dorchester artists. The Meetinghouse is a high-performance building with energy-saving features such as: triple pane windows, continuous Siga weather barrier and tapes, continuous exterior insulation, VAV heating/cooling, and a central energy recovery unit.

14 E. Springfield St.

Multi-Unit, Residential

The existing building at 14 E. Springfield Street was undersized and out of place in the neighborhood. By adding two stories and completely renovating the existing facade, the building now fits in with the context of the street. The work included modifications to the existing precast structure and underpinning the foundation. Terracotta paneling, a walk out deck, and a revived entrance are a few of the features that give new life to the building. A combination of white trim and natural wood on the interior further adds to the clean contemporary feel of the design.‍‍‍

290 Highland Ave.

Multi-Unit, Residential

Our project at 290 Highland Ave. is a 4-story, 25,338 square foot mixed-use multifamily development located in Somerville, MA. It features 7 residential units, each with its own unique layout and floor plan, as well as an entire floor of  commercial retail space. It is a high-performance building with a number of energy-saving features that have granted it LEED Silver certification.

88 Tremont St.

Multi-Unit, Residential

Haycon was tasked with the design-build of 888 Tremont Street in Fall 2014. A property with a rich history as a prominent South End nightclub, Haycon guided the owner through the development process to construct 9 residential rental units. 888 Tremont was transformed over the course of 14 months with a construction budget of $3 million dollars. These units feature impressive modern finishes and restoration of historic elements such as exposed structural beams, high ceilings, and large window openings, optimizing rents with highly desirable and unique dwelling spaces.

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